Our New Garden Bed!

Super excited about everything that we’ve done outside in the yard so far!  Last year we started planting some of our own vegetables, herbs and fruits.  We started a jalapeno plant with seeds Rachael’s grandmother gave us, and it grew so well!!  HUGE!  we even had to replant it into a bigger pot.  Cilantro, bell peppers, blackberries and strawberries were also attempted.  We had success with the cilantro, but nothing else, unfortunately.  But this didn’t stop Rachael’s desire to keep trying.  Last year I promised her a raised garden bed and trust me she didn’t forget my promise lol!


Rachael started a lot of the plants inside and we spent two days working in the yard.  Building a raised garden bed, filling it with garden soil, laying sod and mulch.

plant 5 plant 6

It took one cubic yard of garden mix to fill the new raised garden bed.  Talk about a serious workout.


Shoveling it out of the truck, wheeling it up a hill to the garden bed and filling and spreading.  All of the plants are in the garden bed and we’re starting to see something come up.

 plant7 plant 8

In addition to the raised garden bed, Rach found a hanging strawberry plant and that is starting to grow too!  We’re hoping this summer will be more successful than last year’s!