People often ask what type of protein powder we use. As far as whey protein goes, we use Shakeology, by Beachbody. We LOVE this product and it tastes amazing! (we both love chocolate!), and I love that it has all the nutrition I need for the day. We love it so much that we both decided to become a beachbody coach to help others meet their fitness goals with Shakeology. It is great for weightloss, but it’s also great for upping your energy levels, but really sold us was the help it gave us with our digestion! Be sure to check out some of my Shakeology recipes! You can make so many different things and they all don’t have to be in a shake either!

If you’re interested in trying Shakeology, check out the website here. Rachael hosts A LOT of  challenge groups through FB to help people meet their fitness goals while drinking Shakeology! If you’re interested in participating in a challenge group, or just want to know more about the product, feel free to contact us! Here’s a video that explains the benefits of Shakeology, if you don’t already know:




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