Rachael and Jason

Hi!  we are Rachael and Jason from Rachael and Jason’s Health and Fitness Journey.   We have been together for 3 1/2 years and have been on this Clean Eating, health and fitness journey since March 11, 2012.  We both knew that our lives needed to change as we both suffered from an unhealthy lifestyle causing some health issues and even depression.  Thanks to the Eat-Clean Diet book by Tosca Reno, our lives changed for the better!!



My name is Rachael and I will be 30 in November.  I was born in Dallas and I currently live in St. Louis.  I work full-time in the healthcare field and I love it!  Before finding health and fitness, I was miserable, unhealthy and always sick.  Now things have REALLY changed.  I am no longer sick, depressed and fatigued.  I am also TurboKick certified and I love it! Coaching and helping others to put their health and fitness first is WAY more than hobby, but now a passion.  I currently works at a couple of gyms and teach a variety of fitness classes.  Jase and I have found a common interest and passion for working out and eating healthy and clean.  We also enjoy spending time with both of our furr babies, Maxie and Dexter.


My name is Jason and I will be 31 this June. I was born in St Louis and after my parents divorced I ended up being raised 50/50 in St Louis and a small town in the country. I have what some would call Hobby ADD. Some of these interests include ATV riding, working on performance cars, riding my road bike (newest hobby), snowboarding and camping.  I used to skateboard and fish a lot growing up! I love wrenching on cars and ATV’s in my free time.  I just bought a 2003 Ford Lightning that is one of my most recent interests/hobbies to play with.  I frequently take camping trips around the United States to ride my ATV’s in places that include California, Indiana, Michigan and local parks in Missouri.  ATV’s are one of my passions. Rachael is another one of my passions! I met Rach over three years ago and we do a lot together! We do several charity runs/5k’s per year and enjoy spending time with our furr babies. I have a boxer dog named Dexter and she has a lab named Maxie.  We enjoy taking the babies to our local park for walks when its nice out.  Rach and I are big into food and cooking together is one of the things we enjoy doing every week together.  It’s fun to try new recipes and try to keep things fun and new!


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