My California Adventure!

So in January my buddy Gary called and asked me if I wanted to go to California this year with our group that has been riding ATV’s together for years.  Obviously I can’t say no to an amazing adventure like that! So March 10th rolls around and I find myself on an airplane to Phoenix where I would hop a connection over to Yuma, AZ to be picked up by Gary, who drove out from MO with a trailer full of our ATV’s! My brother, his girlfriend and I landed in Yuma and met Gary in the tiny airport and traveled 20 miles to the California state border where camp was set up already. The trailer that hauled our bike was an enclosed set up with a generator, air conditioning, and bunk beds.


So Sunday was the first day we were there in the sand. We started tuning our engines and making sure our bikes were ready for the abuse we would put them through. We started out in a group of almost 30 people riding into the 300 and 400 foot high sand dunes. We were out there climbing hills and carving around the sand dunes until it was dark out. Monday morning on our first ride we made it 15 minutes in before Bryan had a catastrophic motor failure and had to be towed back to camp. We spent the rest of the day riding in the heat. Tuesday we spent the morning riding and by noon turned on the generator and cranked the AC in the trailer and took naps, because it was so hot! Around 4pm we started riding again. We were up drag racing on what is called “Sand Highway”, a notorious strip for racing anything you bring out to play with. Several of us were up there racing, two guys burned up the pistons in their motors simultaneously and had to be towed back to camp. A guy named Ben and I were racing back to camp and he accidentally wrecked his bike which broke his collar bone in two places!

 desert pop up sunset ride

Wednesday and Thursday more people arrived for the adventure called the Imperial Invasion (happens annually for the last 5 years in Glamis, CA). We started riding more during the night-time when it was cooler outside. The night rides we went on were a blast, following a long line snaking in and out of the dunes as fast as we could ride! The local California Residents that were familiar with the dunes would lead us on fast paced day and night rides that would leave you and your bike hot! This trip brought people from as far east as New York and PA! there were probably around 50 people total that came out through the week to camp and ride. Friday and Saturday we were riding and swimming in the canal that runs along the camp ground just to stay cool in the 95 degree heat! It was a blast, even as an adult I still like to ‘play in the sand’!

playing in the sand


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