A Year of Clean Eating

March 11, 2012, is a day I will never forget.  This was the day I came home with the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged book, thinking “here we go again.”  I had tried EVERYTHING from Weight Watchers, counting calories, South Beach, juicing, etc. and nothing worked.  I had emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed, finding out that my diet played a HUGE role in the issue.  I also suffered from severe stomach pains and after my gallbladder surgery I was forced to take medication, just so I could eat, because my body was unable to process my food after I ate.  I suffered from chronic migraines and on anti-seizure medications, daily, so that i could function and even when a migraine would happen, they were still so debilitating in spite of all the pain medications.  Leaving the house was becoming a hassle and a fear, because what if I got sick to my stomach or had a migraine, what would I do?  I became a recluse and really became depressed and kept to myself.  After my emergency surgery, I was still seeing a GI doctor, because my stomach was still having issues.  I suffered from acid reflux and a tumor was on my liver.  Everything just felt like it was coming down around me!  27 and a tumor on my liver and told that I couldn’t have children as the hormones would feed the tumor, putting my life in danger.  So as if this wasn’t worse enough, depression started to kick in.  WHY? why did i let myself get like this, why haven’t I taken better care of myself?  

Bringing home this book that i had heard someone else talking about, I figured was worth a try….I mean I tried everything else, right?!  So, March 11, 2012, my supportive boyfriend and I made the change to clean eating.  It took some adjusting, but I am glad we did and we are never looking back.  I detoxed for a week with 2 migraines and some body aches and I was ready to throw in the towel.  BUT no, I stuck with it and I am so happy I did.  A year later, I am 44 pounds lighter, healthier, happy, stomach pains and issues gone, no more acid reflux, asthma under control and my two favorite; no more anti-seizure and pain medications for the migraines.  I have not had a migraine since my detox week and I feel freed.  My migraines are no longer running my life and telling me what I can and cannot do.  In addition to that, my tumor is gone.  Children are in my future and I couldn’t me more excited about it!  Since putting my heath and fitness first, my life has changed tremendously.  I am also a certified TurboKick instructor looking to obtain my group exercise certification in the fall.  My life has truly changed and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!  Thank you Tosca Reno and the Eat Clean Diet Team!!!  You all have changed my life!Image


3 thoughts on “A Year of Clean Eating

  1. hooray! seriously… that has to be the most incredible feeling to have succeeded! its wonderful to finally find something that works for you, and its so nice to have someone that is there to help you! 3 cheers for you! 🙂

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